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I wrote my first blog post over 10 years ago and have been regularly blogging until two years ago. Since the last two years, I have been staying away from active blogging and the last post I wrote was approximately 1.5 years ago at

I have been getting more and more busy with work for the last 5 years. It gradually reduced my writing activity and pushed it to an end over period of time. Even during the years of my active blogging/writing, most of the writings were happening over the weekends or holidays. For the last many years I ended up spending my free time addressing various items at work and that left me no time to focus on writing.

It was always the love and encouragement of my friends and readers which inspired me and kept me actively writing. In the last two years, many of them asked me about the reason why I stopped writing. I got several follow up emails from various readers asking questions as well as requesting additional posts about some of the areas I blogged in the past or topics covered in my books. I feel that the fire for writing has been ignited again and really want/try to dedicate some time for it – moving forward.

Most of my writing in the past were around SQL Server and XML related topics. Over the years, my focus area changed significantly and in version 2.0, I will be sharing my thoughts and experiences around performance, scalability, optimization, distributed architecture and various topics related to dealing with large data and work loads. I wish those topics may trigger some interesting discussions, exchange of ideas and result in a good amount of mutual learning.

Thank you for all the encouragement in over the years and always love your comments, feedback and constructive criticism.