What is your favorite Browser?

Which browser is the best? Is it Chrome, IE, EDGE, Firefox or Safari? This is a topic of discussion that I hear frequently around me. Usually people getting into such a discussion highlight the pros of their favorite browser and the cons of the browsers they do not like.

I think it is more of a personal preference and convenience rather than the features or specific quality of a given browser.

I use Chrome as my primary browser. Almost 80% of my browser time is on Chrome. The second most frequently used browser is Firefox. I am probably using Firefox for approximately 15% of my total web time. Then I use IE for the remaining 5% of browser activity.

I am not saying that Chrome is great and IE is nasty. I think I am more comfortable using those 3 browsers the way I do currently. May be a matter of personal preference.

Microsoft Employees using Chrome for Demos

What triggered this post is something I observed when going through a few microsoft videos recently. I was watching the presentation on Azure Redis Cache and noticed that the PM demonstrating Azure web portal is using Chrome browser, not Microsoft’s IE or EDGE.

See the videos at https://azure.microsoft.com/en-in/documentation/videos/index/?services=redis-cache

Then I looked at close to a dozen videos in the series. All of them were showing demos using Chrome. Well, is that a crime? No, certainly not. It is absolutely a personal choice. But the fact I am trying to highlight is that more and more people I see around are  comfortable with Chrome more than they are with IE.

I am not saying that all Microsoft PMs are using Chrome. I did see some demos where the presenter was showing web applications on IE/EDGE. So, it is again a personal choice. I suppose Microsoft does not have a policy to insist its employees to use its own browser. I think that is very good. ‘Freedom of Browser’ is very well appreciated.

New IE versions are always painful

One pain-point I observed over the past many years is that every new version of IE breaks applications. Every time a new version of IE was released, we had to start a project to make our application compatible with the new version of IE. This has been happening from IE7 till today.

Is it their fault? Probably not. But it was painful and time consuming to do those updates every time we had to make the application ‘compatible’ with a new IE version.

However, the same did not happen with other browsers. I do not remember any scenarios where something broke with a new update of Chrome or Firefox. May be it is just a coincidence or may be they were very careful NOT to break the existing applications when releasing a new browser version.

What is your favorite Browser?

I think it will be interesting to hear about your favorite browser. Are you a Chrome addict or IE/EDGE supporter? Or is it FireFox, Safari or any other browser that you mostly use?