Jacob Sebastian is currently working as CIO of  HHAeXchange. He was a Microsoft MVP for 6 years and author of three SQL Server Books. Jacob has presented in several SQL Server events worldwide, including PASS Global Summit (USA), European PASS Conference (Germany) and Microsoft Tech-Ed Conferences in India.

My Books

art of xsd

art of filestream

SQL Server 2008 Bible
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  1. Hello
    I started learning xsd with the help of your book The art of XSD. I have installed SQL Server 2012 express on my home computer , opened an XML document in Management Studio the way you instuct in the book, and wanted to write my first XSD. The problem is that IntelliSense is not working, it offers only DTD tags. I tried the same with the same steps at work where we have SQL Server 2008 an there it works. I tried to find something in the internet but I failed. Is it the problem of SQL Server 2012? Can you help me please? Thank you.



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