ABAW Challenge #4 – The Industries of Future

Another week into the ABAW Challenge and the book I picked was The Industries of the Future by Alec Ross. 

This is a very interesting book covering the innovations happening around the world. The author predicts that Genomics, Robotics and Cyber Security are going to be the most prominent industries for the years to come.


industries of future

This book is written by Alec Ross who was Senior Advisor for Innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. During his tenure as Senior Advisor for Innovation he visited a large number of countries and closely studied the technological advances happening around the world.

This books examines the innovations happening in several industries and highlights the advances in Robotics, Genetics, Big Data and Cyber Security as the promising industries for the future.

I bought the Audible version of the book and that was a good choice. The audible version of the book was narrated by the author himself, so I could hear Alec talking so passionately about the innovations around the industries of the future.

Did you read this book?

If you have read this book, I am eager to hear what you think about this book.

My Plan for Next Week

The following books are in my reading list for next week. I will pick one of the books from the list below.

Any other recommendations?

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